Welcome to Shaman's Drum Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration and preservation of shamanic healing traditions around the world. SDF is planning to publish a new online journal—Shaman’s Drum Online—and to maintain an archive of educational and historic shamanic material.

A number of unanticipated challenges have delayed the publication of the new online journal, but we are preparing to launch the initial phase of our website.

Back issues of the original, printed Shaman's Drum, which has ceased publication, are finally available for sale through our website.  Currently, they can be ordered via email (write to us at the address below), and by the end of March, we will be putting our shopping cart online.
We will be creating a mailing list soon, so that people can be notified when we are ready to start selling subscriptions to the new online jounal.

We will also soon be posting the first few articles of our library, which will be expanded over time to include historical articles about shamanism and selected articles from back issues of the journal.

In the meantime, if you have questions about the project, or if you would like to make a donation to help manifest this vision, you can contact us at:

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